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Raise Capital 

We assist companies and Funds to raise capital. This includes:

Investment preparation


Facilitating funder engagements & introductions


Dealmaking and structuring 


Transaction advisory (legal, financial, tax & strategic)


Contracting & closure

Our clients

  1. Current or imminent revenue

  2. Scalable business models

  3. Traction/ market adoption

  4. Global aspirations

  5. Strong and ethical management 


We present and match businesses to specific strategic partners and funders, who are given access to vetted deal flow.

Transaction closure

As your transaction advisor, we back you throughout funder discussions, negotiations, due diligence, term sheets and contracting, until deal closure.

Prepare for Investment

We take you through an investment-readiness program to ensure you meet funder expectations.


We highlight areas which may cause concern for funders, preparing you for exactly what to expect in any investment-related discussions.


We analyse & critique the business model, team, key metrics, strategy, financials, legals and prepare you for negotiations to ensure maximum value is unlocked.


We provide the full investment package: teasers, pitch decks, investment memoranda, financial modelling, valuations and virtual data rooms to ensure the company is investment ready.

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