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M&A  dealmaking/ advisory

We advise, implement, structure and execute global Mergers and Acquisition transactions, regardless of business sectors. 

Our M&A advisory services include

  1. Facilitating buy-ins and sell-outs

  2. Dealmaking

  3. Mergers

  4. Acquisitions

  5. Legal, financial & equity restructuring

  6. M&A strategy

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What our
clients say

"Great to work and deal with such a professional, energetic and clinical team. Working under extremely difficult conditions (relocation to The Netherlands) to get to the end goal was never easy nor smooth. Will recommend AJ, Ben and Rise team to any company or individual business for advice, guidance and direction to work out a plan or a strategy to achieve the best result for parties involved. Well done guys, much appreciated and see you in the next round."

Jasper Coetzee

Outgoing MD and shareholder of Big Box Containers.


(June 2023)

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