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Rise: Our World on A Wednesday

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

“The Supreme question about works of art is out of how deep a life does it spring” - James Joyce Ulysses.

Start-ups, Innovations, Disruptions and Designs are the themes of our age. We are currently witnessing the ‘Great Migration’ from grey suits to T-shirts.

An emergence of the modern artist is upon us. Corporate creators are now seen as artists of our age, who are not confined to boardrooms and spreadsheets, but rather wires to achieve

the impossible by exploring uncharted territories where board members fear to venture. These are the Da Vinci’s of our time.

Being married to an Artist/ Psychologist, I have developed a deep appreciation for the creative mental process of multiple failures before the master piece is created. I am reminded of a conversation during one of her art exhibitions. Someone came up to me and asked, how long it took her to paint this work, obviously masked as a challenge to justify the price tag. My answer was simple - “44 years”. She started painting at the age of three.

I have worked with entrepreneurs for more than two decades and have had the privilege to occupy the front seat of many successes (and failures). Some of my clients were very smart, but I have to admit my salute goes to the creative entrepreneur, blessed with grit and a touch of insanity. Yes insanity, to challenge the status quo and disrupt the conventional mindset.

I am constantly impressed with the rise of the creator-entrepreneur of our age, they allow us to vigilantly oppose traditional, one dimensional lives by being totally absorbed in their start-up or next capital raise. Missing your son’s first bike ride or making excuses not to go

climb that mountain will only keep you from discovering the wells of your true depth. I thought it may be appropriate to ‘exhibit’ the art of a team of true artists/entrepreneurs that we work with.

Ctrl is South Africa’s first digital, insurance advice platform. (

Ctrl’s market-first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform has changed the insurance advice (broker) industry forever. It disrupts the current insurance industry by:

· enabling any consumer-facing business to sell insurance to their existing clients, and

· transforming traditional brokers into highly efficient, scalable digital advisors.

The Ctrl strategy is simple. It builds software that connects end-users, brokers and insurers, thereby:

· giving clients (end-users) more convenience and more control over their own insurance.

· providing consumer-facing businesses with a solution to set up and grow their own fully compliant digital brokerages.

· providing financial advisors with a faster and more efficient way to service their clients, while managing risk more effectively, as well as meeting all the regulatory compliance requirements; and

· giving insurers more distribution options and the means to create new products to be sold through intermediary channels.

As important as the standard run of the mill corporate job is for the functioning of the world as we know it, it is rather our creator-entrepreneurs who disrupt the normality of our world, inflicting change which transforms normality, through the creation of greatness.

News Highlights:

  • Reliance Health secures $40m, as the health tech sector in Africa is expected to boom to $11 billion within the next 3 years.

  • The WWF has recently released an NFT collection of endangered animals as part of their fundraising process. Could NFT’s be the future of fundraising for foundations? Could it eventually form part of the capital raising process as we know it?

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